Advantages of LED blister letters

Walking on the street, we saw bright advertising characters, the most common of which is LED luminous characters. This kind of LED luminous characters is pure in color, flicker-free, convenient to connect, diverse colors, and the service life is as long as 80,000 to 100,000 hours and other advantages, are widely used in shop signs and advertisements of various institutions.

What is called LED blister luminous characters? Blister is a plastic processing technology, its main principle is to heat the plastic hard sheet material to soft, and then adsorb it on the surface of the mold. The surface of the board is usually formed by blister molding of acrylic board, which is then assembled by a base, etc., and LED lights are placed inside. The surface craftsmanship includes flat surface, flat drum, ball drum and other forms. The box body materials include iron sheet paint, aluminum material, stainless steel, etc. The font color can be either an inherent color plate or a spot color or four-color screen printing.

LED blister luminous characters are often used in outdoor advertising, the following introduces the characteristics of LED blister luminous characters:

1. The surface gloss is high, the color is bright, and the color lasts for 5-8 years. In other words, it will not change or fade within 5-8 years.
2. The material itself has strong light transmittance: The acrylic sheet used in the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmittance. With the built-in light source, the brightness at night is uniform and soft. Compared with the neon light, the acrylic character is overall luminous, unlike the neon light. The lines are luminous and softer than neon lights.
3. Built-in light source: No external wiring, not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring, which solves the problem that the neon light wiring is exposed to the outside. It also solves the problem that the wire and light source are prone to short-circuit and fire when exposed to the air. In addition, due to the good sealing performance of acrylic, the problem of not being able to turn on the light in rainy days is solved, so it can be used as usual in rainy and snowy days.
4. Stable physical properties, strong resistance to high temperature deformation, which is also one of the important characteristics of acrylic used in many outdoor industries. First of all, it has strong UV resistance, which is one of the reasons why it is not easy to fade. In addition, it can resist high temperature of 70℃ and low temperature of 50℃, and will not deform in this interval. This temperature difference will not occur in most parts of the world, so when outdoors, businesses can use it with confidence.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Acrylic can be recycled.

Nowadays, the competition of merchants is not only relying on products, but also on advertisements. The visual effects of LED blister characters are even more impressive. If you want to have such store advertisements or advertisements, please call abcMix and we will definitely design the best products to make your shop shine.

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