Factors to consider when designing and manufacturing car dealership singages

When we going to buy a car, we usually think of car dealership shop. This place is the retail terminal of the car manufacturer. The popular understanding is the agent of the car manufacturer. Although the transformation of the Internet in all walks of life has been in full swing in recent years, the cake of auto retail has never been won, which shows that the interests of all parties are too entangled, and the profitable market cannot be easily surrendered. In reality, the retail links of automobiles are basically dominated by middlemen and agents such as car dealership stores. We can also feel this situation. Automobile dealership stores can be seen in every corner of the city. In many areas It also specially freed up land to build an auto city, which is a concentration camp for several automobile stores, one next to another, and the business is still very hot. In the construction process of the car dealership store, decoration is a hurdle that cannot be bypassed. A good decoration plays an important role in the sales process. Among them, the signage system is a must-have item in the decoration process of the car dealership store, because the image output of the car brand needs a carrier, and this carrier is realized through the signage system. Therefore, the design and production of the car dealership store signage system should be very important for every agent. Judging from the experience of abcMIX’s car dealership store signage project, the following four factors should be paid attention to in the process of car dealership store signage design and production.

  1. Choose high-quality raw materials. There are a lot of raw materials that need to be used for a signage product, and there are also a lot of auxiliary ingredients that need to be used in the process. From the main consumable parts of the car dealership shop signage product, the one with a relatively large amount should be used is a metal sheet, an acrylic light-transmitting panel, and a paint-like material to color the related sheet. Since the car is a large commodity and the unit price is relatively high, customers are still cautious when choosing, and often conduct a comprehensive inspection of the car dealership store, of which the car dealership store signage system is the first to interact with users. That is, the first impression of the car dealership store to the user is completed by the signage system. If the sign is deformed, damaged, faded, cracked, or painted due to inferior raw materials, then the first impression received by the user may be greatly discounted, this store is all tattered, can the car be reliable?
  2. Use waterproof light sources as much as possible. Since the outdoor signs of car dealership stores are basically installed in the open air without being blocked, it is inevitable to be affected by rain and fog weather, and most of the outdoor signs need to be illuminated, and light sources need to be installed, so in order to avoid affecting the luminous effect of the car dealership store signage, it should be avoided from the source to affect the display effect of the car dealership store signage due to weather. The use of waterproof light sources is one of the solutions;
  3. Priority is given to the use of three-dimensional signage. In many scenes, the visual impact brought by the three-dimensional effect is incomparable to that of a plan view. This is especially true for a scene like a car dealership store, especially the logo part of the car, whether it is a pattern or corresponding for the text part of the text, the three-dimensional scheme should be given priority in the choice of three-dimensional and flat. Of course, not all signs inside and outside the store must adopt the three-dimensional scheme. Some illustrative signs and related introduction products inside the store do not need to use the three-dimensional scheme effect, and there is no need to make a three-dimensional signage;
  4. Energy saving and environmental protection. In the past, this factor did not need to be considered. Now all walks of life have to consider the factors of energy saving and environmental protection. In the car dealership store sign system, it is not difficult to reflect energy saving and environmental protection. For example, it can be done in the source of light. For the same luminous effect, can a light source with lower energy consumption be used, or an acrylic panel with better light transmission performance under the premise of comparable power consumption? These are all things that can be done in the process of car dealership store signage design and production. Everyone is responsible for energy conservation and environmental protection. There is another detail about energy protection that customers can appreciate, that is, whether the signage system has a smell. The smell is usually caused by inferior paint. Not to mention environmental protection, even customers can’t stand all kinds of pungent smells, so energy saving and environmental protection are not noly to cope with inspections, but also to the health of the staff and to provide customers with a good car buying environment, which is also what car dealership shops should do;

For some car dealership stores, the signage system will not be easily replaced after being done, so the quality requirements should be higher. In areas with a lot of rain, the design and production of car dealership store signages should focus on waterproofing and rust prevention. In the northern or higher latitude areas, the invasion of sandstorms is relatively more, and the design and production of car dealership store signages need more attention. The firmness and convenience of maintenance, the natural weathering effect should not be underestimated, and how to clean the signboard after being covered with a lot of dust that affects the visual effect, manufacturers should also consider in advance.

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