4 creative expression methods for desiging customized LED signages

Now the competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, the customers in the signage industry have higher and higher requirements for products, and the pursuit of creativity is endless. Therefore, sign companies have to carry out rounds of self-revolution to be able to have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the market and survive, to be recognized and trusted by customers. The preliminary work of signage products mostly focuses on creative design and deepening design. Among them, creative design is the basis of deepening design and the prototype of the final physical product, so creativity is very important in the design stage of signage products. On the other hand, because of the personalized attributes of signage products, it cannot be stereotyped, and the designer’s skills are more tested in the creative expression of signages and logos.

Generally speaking, personalized signage products require designers to quickly learn and excavate industry elements, and present them in the rational use of artistic techniques. Based on abcMIX’s custom signage product design experience, we summarize 4 creative expression methods.

The first is the balance method, in reality, signage products will be affected by multiple factors such as craftsmanship and people’s awareness. Therefore, signage designers cannot blindly pursue peculiar effects, but this does not mean that they can be simple and poor in design. In the process of interacting with users, the signage product needs to convey its own value. If the user cannot get this point accurately, then this signage can be said to be a failure. Whether it is a graphic symbol or a text, we should seek a harmony and coexistence of multiple elements from the perspective of balancing artistic elements with the realization of craftsmanship and visual transmission, so that the designed signage products are not only creative but also bring people a good visual experience.

The second is the symbolism method, generally uses the animals, plants or cartoon images that exist in reality to make associations, or extracts and uses the internal elements of specific images from a certain angle, and indirectly expresses the spirit of the customer for the signage or logo product. When the cultural connotation demands are expressed, in most cases, designers need to refine the characteristics and social attributes of reference objects, and then apply design techniques to specific signage product prototypes. In real life, an obvious application field of symbolism is the design of the signage system of children’s playgrounds. Most of them are cartoon animal graphics or patterns of lively and cute type. Maybe some animals are not so friendly and cute, but the designer is just use this kind of expression method, it immediately has an image that cannot be directly described by language.

The third is exaggeration method, once the signage product has been produced in the factory workshop, it means that the spiritual and cultural elements have been embedded in the raw materials such as cold steel and plastic. In the factory, it is steel, but in the eyes of the audience and user, these signage products have soul and emotion. Therefore, the singage products with their own artwork attributes can deepen this emotion through exaggeration when conveying this emotion. What we can generally imagine is nothing more than color and shape outline, and when necessary, some elements such as sound, light, taste, etc. will be added.

The fourth is the artistic conception method, the creativity comes from reality and is higher than reality. Maybe it is such an inadvertent scene or action in daily life, which is enough to convey infinite emotions. This is the charm of artistic conception. Signage designers cannot be limited to a certain graphic or text stroke itself. Inspiration may burst like a tide in an instant, whether it can be accurately captured is another matter. Some feelings, some scenes, can only be understood, but cannot be described in words, which shows the weight of artistic conception expression in artistic creation;

The signage designer’s accurate grasp of the creativity directly determines the quality of the signage product, and good creativity can help the signages enhance the tension and vitality. In the process of visual communication, designers usually need to give patterns and texts corresponding spiritual and cultural connotations through creative methods, which is also the most difficult part of the design process. In the early stage, there is often no fixed pattern or style to apply, and the materials that can be presented to designers may only be some themes and concepts. If the designer uses professional creative expression techniques to accurately present customer needs in the work, then the probability of this signage work standing out in the market is generally not too low.

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