Factors to consider when designing and manufacturing car dealership singages

When we going to buy a car, we usually think of car dealership shop. This place is the retail terminal of the car manufacturer. The popular understanding is the agent of the car manufacturer. Although the transformation of the Internet in all walks of life has been in full swing in recent years, the cake of auto retail has never been won, which shows that the interests of all parties are too entangled, and the profitable market cannot be easily surrendered. In reality, the retail links of automobiles are basically dominated by middlemen and agents such as car dealership stores. We can also feel this situation. Automobile dealership stores can be seen in every corner of the city. In many areas It also specially freed up land to build an auto city, which is a concentration camp for several automobile stores, one next to another, and the business is still very hot. In the construction process of the car dealership store, decoration is a hurdle that cannot be bypassed. A good decoration plays an important role in the sales process. Among them, the signage system is a must-have item in the decoration process of the car dealership store, because the image output of the car brand needs a carrier, and this carrier is realized through the signage system. Therefore, the design and production of the car dealership store signage system should be very important for every agent. Judging from the experience of abcMIX’s car dealership store signage project, the following four factors should be paid attention to in the process of car dealership store signage design and production.

  1. Choose high-quality raw materials. There are a lot of raw materials that need to be used for a signage product, and there are also a lot of auxiliary ingredients that need to be used in the process. From the main consumable parts of the car dealership shop signage product, the one with a relatively large amount should be used is a metal sheet, an acrylic light-transmitting panel, and a paint-like material to color the related sheet. Since the car is a large commodity and the unit price is relatively high, customers are still cautious when choosing, and often conduct a comprehensive inspection of the car dealership store, of which the car dealership store signage system is the first to interact with users. That is, the first impression of the car dealership store to the user is completed by the signage system. If the sign is deformed, damaged, faded, cracked, or painted due to inferior raw materials, then the first impression received by the user may be greatly discounted, this store is all tattered, can the car be reliable?
  2. Use waterproof light sources as much as possible. Since the outdoor signs of car dealership stores are basically installed in the open air without being blocked, it is inevitable to be affected by rain and fog weather, and most of the outdoor signs need to be illuminated, and light sources need to be installed, so in order to avoid affecting the luminous effect of the car dealership store signage, it should be avoided from the source to affect the display effect of the car dealership store signage due to weather. The use of waterproof light sources is one of the solutions;
  3. Priority is given to the use of three-dimensional signage. In many scenes, the visual impact brought by the three-dimensional effect is incomparable to that of a plan view. This is especially true for a scene like a car dealership store, especially the logo part of the car, whether it is a pattern or corresponding for the text part of the text, the three-dimensional scheme should be given priority in the choice of three-dimensional and flat. Of course, not all signs inside and outside the store must adopt the three-dimensional scheme. Some illustrative signs and related introduction products inside the store do not need to use the three-dimensional scheme effect, and there is no need to make a three-dimensional signage;
  4. Energy saving and environmental protection. In the past, this factor did not need to be considered. Now all walks of life have to consider the factors of energy saving and environmental protection. In the car dealership store sign system, it is not difficult to reflect energy saving and environmental protection. For example, it can be done in the source of light. For the same luminous effect, can a light source with lower energy consumption be used, or an acrylic panel with better light transmission performance under the premise of comparable power consumption? These are all things that can be done in the process of car dealership store signage design and production. Everyone is responsible for energy conservation and environmental protection. There is another detail about energy protection that customers can appreciate, that is, whether the signage system has a smell. The smell is usually caused by inferior paint. Not to mention environmental protection, even customers can’t stand all kinds of pungent smells, so energy saving and environmental protection are not noly to cope with inspections, but also to the health of the staff and to provide customers with a good car buying environment, which is also what car dealership shops should do;

For some car dealership stores, the signage system will not be easily replaced after being done, so the quality requirements should be higher. In areas with a lot of rain, the design and production of car dealership store signages should focus on waterproofing and rust prevention. In the northern or higher latitude areas, the invasion of sandstorms is relatively more, and the design and production of car dealership store signages need more attention. The firmness and convenience of maintenance, the natural weathering effect should not be underestimated, and how to clean the signboard after being covered with a lot of dust that affects the visual effect, manufacturers should also consider in advance.

4 creative expression methods for desiging customized LED signages

Now the competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, the customers in the signage industry have higher and higher requirements for products, and the pursuit of creativity is endless. Therefore, sign companies have to carry out rounds of self-revolution to be able to have the opportunity to gain a foothold in the market and survive, to be recognized and trusted by customers. The preliminary work of signage products mostly focuses on creative design and deepening design. Among them, creative design is the basis of deepening design and the prototype of the final physical product, so creativity is very important in the design stage of signage products. On the other hand, because of the personalized attributes of signage products, it cannot be stereotyped, and the designer’s skills are more tested in the creative expression of signages and logos.

Generally speaking, personalized signage products require designers to quickly learn and excavate industry elements, and present them in the rational use of artistic techniques. Based on abcMIX’s custom signage product design experience, we summarize 4 creative expression methods.

The first is the balance method, in reality, signage products will be affected by multiple factors such as craftsmanship and people’s awareness. Therefore, signage designers cannot blindly pursue peculiar effects, but this does not mean that they can be simple and poor in design. In the process of interacting with users, the signage product needs to convey its own value. If the user cannot get this point accurately, then this signage can be said to be a failure. Whether it is a graphic symbol or a text, we should seek a harmony and coexistence of multiple elements from the perspective of balancing artistic elements with the realization of craftsmanship and visual transmission, so that the designed signage products are not only creative but also bring people a good visual experience.

The second is the symbolism method, generally uses the animals, plants or cartoon images that exist in reality to make associations, or extracts and uses the internal elements of specific images from a certain angle, and indirectly expresses the spirit of the customer for the signage or logo product. When the cultural connotation demands are expressed, in most cases, designers need to refine the characteristics and social attributes of reference objects, and then apply design techniques to specific signage product prototypes. In real life, an obvious application field of symbolism is the design of the signage system of children’s playgrounds. Most of them are cartoon animal graphics or patterns of lively and cute type. Maybe some animals are not so friendly and cute, but the designer is just use this kind of expression method, it immediately has an image that cannot be directly described by language.

The third is exaggeration method, once the signage product has been produced in the factory workshop, it means that the spiritual and cultural elements have been embedded in the raw materials such as cold steel and plastic. In the factory, it is steel, but in the eyes of the audience and user, these signage products have soul and emotion. Therefore, the singage products with their own artwork attributes can deepen this emotion through exaggeration when conveying this emotion. What we can generally imagine is nothing more than color and shape outline, and when necessary, some elements such as sound, light, taste, etc. will be added.

The fourth is the artistic conception method, the creativity comes from reality and is higher than reality. Maybe it is such an inadvertent scene or action in daily life, which is enough to convey infinite emotions. This is the charm of artistic conception. Signage designers cannot be limited to a certain graphic or text stroke itself. Inspiration may burst like a tide in an instant, whether it can be accurately captured is another matter. Some feelings, some scenes, can only be understood, but cannot be described in words, which shows the weight of artistic conception expression in artistic creation;

The signage designer’s accurate grasp of the creativity directly determines the quality of the signage product, and good creativity can help the signages enhance the tension and vitality. In the process of visual communication, designers usually need to give patterns and texts corresponding spiritual and cultural connotations through creative methods, which is also the most difficult part of the design process. In the early stage, there is often no fixed pattern or style to apply, and the materials that can be presented to designers may only be some themes and concepts. If the designer uses professional creative expression techniques to accurately present customer needs in the work, then the probability of this signage work standing out in the market is generally not too low.

How to decide the right size for LED signages ?

There are many types of LED signage products, and there are many different shapes and sizes. We can always see all kinds of LED signs in our daily life, but non-professionals have hardly thought about why these LED signages are so big and why is it so small in other scenarios? These all illustrate a problem, the size of LED signage is not arbitrarily determined, and there are relevant theories behind it. Below, we will take some of abcMIX’s experience in LED signage engineering projects as examples, some defining standards of LED signage size are expanded in three aspects:

1. According to the visual distance between the scene and the user

On many occasions, we will find that there is a huge difference in the size of the signage, and this difference is also very obvious. For example, when we see the luminous characters on the curtain wall of the office building or the large characters on the roof, they are usually located at tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. This transmission distance is long-distance transmission, and the effective transmission distance to users is relatively long, so the size of the signages produced is relatively large, for this reason, most office building curtain wall luminous characters reaches several meters. In other scenes, such as the interior of a school, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, shopping center complex etc, we will find that the signs here are relatively small, such as the LED house number, which may only be ten or twenty centimeters. The interaction distance of users is usually relatively close, which may be a distance of one or two meters or even shorter, so in this case, the size of the signage needs to be small.

2. According to the amount of information

In some places of publicity and information, we found that the size of the signage also needs to be determined according to the amount of information. For example, in the signage system of tourist attractions, we found that the amount of information on the signboard such as the introduction bulletin of the scenic spot is relatively large. , some may have to display hundreds of words, and the introduction cards of some specific scenic spots may also write out the introduction, at least dozens of words, and many hundreds of words. In this case, even if the user is close when interacting with the signboard, the size of the signboard should not be too small, otherwise the information cannot be accommodated, or the font size will be compressed, which will make it uncomfortable for users to read.

3. Determined according to cultural expression requirements

Another situation is that in a place with a strong cultural atmosphere, we found that the signage needs to be presented in a special way. For example, exaggerated expressions are common in our daily life, and the spiritual fortress is a typical representative. Why are the spiritual fortresses basically tall and burly, because the relevant occasions need such a high-end atmosphere and high-grade image display channel, only through this channel can attract accurate customer groups, or leave a deep impression on users, This is a concrete manifestation of defining the size of signage through cultural expression appeals.

ABCMIX, a leading LED signages developer, manufacturer and industry leader from China, if you have any questions regarding how to choose the right LED signage size, you can contact sales@abcmix.com or read our blogs for more advanced knowledges. If you are interested in our LED sign products or intend to be our local distributor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with sales@abcmixuk.com.

What Are The Different Types of Lighted Business Signs

Attracting your target audience requires innovation. You need to think of new ways to get them to take notice of your business. One of the ways you can do this is by turning to lighted business signage. It offers a cost-effective way to advertise your business. In fact, a market survey showed that the cost of 1,000 impressions using LED lighted business signage was only 15 cents. When you compare it to radio and newspaper ads, you will come to realize that lighted business signage is worth the cost.

Whether you are on the lookout for a way to highlight promotions and events or a lighted sign to ensure 24-hour operations, you will find the following lighted business signage to be just what you need.

  1. Neon Signs

Neon lights are an excellent choice as they provide a classic look. Their traditional feel goes a long way in helping your business get noticed. The lighted signage has a bright glow that is unique and unforgettable. Anyone who looks at it will find it to be attractive. A great thing about neon signs is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. In addition to this, their impact is unmatched despite the maintenance costs. The following explain the importance of neon lights.

  • Create an impactful wall display
  • Boost business impressions during the night
  • Attract customers to the storefront display
  1. Outdoor LED Signs

LED lighted business signage has become incredibly popular in recent times. More and more businesses are investing in LED signs than ever before. When on the lookout for lighted business signs, LED signs are your best option. They are both economical and efficient. Thus, you will find their maintenance costs to be considerably less. Besides, you also get to customize the signs according to different colors, sizes, and shapes. Outdoor signs like monument signs and channel letters also use LED. It is common for just about every business to use LED signs for lobby signage. Some of the places where you will find LED signage include hotels, hospitals, pubs, and gas stations.

  1. Electronic Message Boards

The next type of lighted business sign that you need to know about is electronic message boards. The reason why they are a popular choice is because they are very engaging. Therefore, businesses can use them to convey their message to create a positive business impression. Using a digital display allows one to communicate with clients in real-time. As LED lights are inserted, it is possible to change the messages remotely. It means that it is possible to display multiple ads at the same time. The fact that multiple messaging is possible is what makes electronic message boards a powerful advertising tool. They are commonly used for displaying important information, promoting products and services, announcing events, and displaying just about every type of information

Cooperate with the Best Outdoor Lighted Business Signs Company

Now that you know about the different types of lighted business signs, it is important that you cooperate with the right outdoor business signs company. ABCMIX is the best company out there. Hence, you do not need to look any further.

Go with Attractive Sidewalk LED Business Signs to Attract More Foot Traffic

When people walk by, they can easily overlook your commercial premises. The reason why they might miss your business signage is because they are not attractive. To ensure that you generate the most foot traffic, you have to invest in the right signage. Otherwise, you would fail to grow your business. This is where sidewalk signage comes into place. It offers a ton of benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Freestanding Signage

One of the main reasons why you should invest in attractive sidewalk business signage is because it acts as freestanding signage. It means that you would not need to mount it onto anything. You do not require a wall, pole, or any other support system. Instead, it would simply open up and support itself. Thus, you can easily move it wherever you want without having to worry about any installation.

  1. Easy to Move

Speaking of moving, sidewalk signage is very easy to move. When putting out a sign that supports itself, it must be easy to move. This is another department where sidewalk signage thrives. The best thing about sidewalk signage is that it is lightweight and reasonably sized. Therefore, your staff would never get upset about you telling them to move it outside and place it back inside by the end of the day.

  1. Durable Sign

In addition to the above, sidewalk signage is extremely durable. Even though it is exposed to the elements the most in comparison to other signs, it does not get damaged. You can place it outside in the sun, rain, and snow without having to worry about damage. It does not get damaged as easily. You can get metal and plastic sidewalk signs for the best durability.

  1. Flexible Signs

Lastly, sidewalk signage is truly flexible. You can get it made for just about every type of business. Make sure to invest in LED sidewalk signage for the best outcome. You might not realize it now, but LED sidewalk signage is truly flexible. You can get one made that represents branding and encourages everyone that passes by to take a look at what you have to offer. There is no other type of signage that offers such great flexibility. You can even get a changeable letter board and customize it to send a different message from time to time or opt for a portable monument sign.

Get LED Sidewalk Signage Made from ABCMIX

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Utilize LED Digital Message Boards to Modernize Your Brand Appearance

If you think that your brand is stuck in the past, it is about time that you modernized it. The fact is that it is imperative for brands to innovate to keep clients guessing. Only a forward-thinking brand can succeed in the world of today. But, it can be challenging to revamp the business signage. However, there is no need to worry as digital message boards and LED message boards are just what you need. Investing in them is possibly the best decision that one can make. They allow you to dramatically change customer perception about your brand. Here is how a LED digital message board can help take your brand to the next level.


Offers a Modern Feel

One of the best things about an LED message board is that it offers a modern feel. Brands that use the most cutting-edge digital signs tend to appear more modern. They also make your brand seem more successful and sophisticated. The reason why you require digital signage is because it is truly captivating and offers a high-end appearance. Besides, its large size means that it would act as a focal point for the rest of the space and ensure that it appears modern. Since not every store has digital message signage, you should get one for yours to make it stand out.

Enable You to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Another reason to invest in digital message boards and LED message boards is because they help you stay ahead of the game. If you want to ensure that your business is able to remain at the top and continuously compete with major players in the market, you cannot overlook the effect a digital message board or an LED message board has on your target audience. In fact, you can easily change the message within moments to lure customers through unique designs. Even if you make a mistake, you should be able to correct with minimum effort. Thus, your commercial space will always look new.

Movement Generates Interest

In addition to the above, it is pertinent to mention here that movement generates interest. The fact is that electronic message boards are not static unlike other types of signs. This means that you can have moving text, graphics, and add other interest effects. Hence, you get to catch the attention of customers without any trouble. Not only do these signs change the appearance of the brand, but they also change customer perception and get more eyes. This makes raising brand awareness a whole lot easier.

Turn to ABCMIX UK for Creating a Digital Message Board

Now that you know everything about electronic LED message boards, it is about time that you reached out to ABCMIX UK to get a digital LED message board made. At ABCMIX UK, we not only create digital message, but we even work with you to craft the perfect message that allows you to attract the maximum number of customers to your store for minimal cost. Contact sales@abcmixuk.com now to find out how we can help.

A Simple Guide to LED Directory Signs

If you own or manage a multi-tenant facility or a huge complex, you need to directory signs. They are an essential that you simply cannot go without. Just think about going into a building for the very first time and not knowing where to go due to a lack of signage. It would only frustrate you to say the least. Investing in directory signage or LED directory signage is crucial. It allows you to guide visitors to the desired location and allows you to provide a pleasant experience to them. Here is how you can get effective directory signage.

  1. Select the Right Materials

The first thing that you need to do is select the right materials. When it comes to selecting the right material for the custom directory signage, you have to choose between PVC, metal, and acrylic. Each option is equally effective. Although you should consider the budget, you must work with the sign company to ensure that your needs are met. However, if you want to add outdoor directory signage, you will need to think of more things. When you place the signs outdoor, you must ensure that the material is weather-proof. Otherwise, it would be unable to protect the sign.

  1. Size Matters

Next, you also have to think about the overall size of the directory. You must choose the location before you decide the size. Then, you can think about how small or big you should go.

  1. Importance of Legibility

The main purpose of the business directory signage is to let customers know about the locations where you provide service. It is important that you ensure that the information you provide to customers is readable. This is why you must choose the right font style. You also have to double-check the information from the directory to avoid making any incorrect directions or misspellings.

  1. Design Flexibility

Design flexibility is also something that you have to think about when getting directory signage made. As it would be permanent, you have to think about the design. Try to find some sort of flexibility to ensure that you can work with the design. The reason why flexible design is necessary is because tenants will go and rooms will change. Thus, directory information will need to be changed from time to time.

  1. Branding

Branding is something that you must think about. You have to keep branding in mind when approaching directory signage or LED directory signage. Each sign provides you with an opportunity to promote your brand and raise awareness. Therefore, it is important that you build the directory signage around the colors and theme of your brand to help your customers recognize your brand.

Find a Reliable Directory Sign Company

Getting directory signage right is not easy. This is why you need the best sign company out there. This is where ABCMIX comes into place. It will ensure that your business finds success. Cooperate with a reliable sign company is possibly the best decision that you can possibly make.  Please don’t hesitate to contact sales@abcmixuk.com if you have any requirements about LED directory signage.

LED ADA directional signages helping the disabled navigate with ease

Businesses have a responsibility to help their disabled customers easily navigate the store. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses need to make necessary changes to support people with disabilities. The introduction of ADA signage is one of the changes that it introduced. These signs must fit the requirements as set out by the ADA. The design helps those that have a disability and struggle with navigating businesses. There are many different ways these signs differ from the usual business directional signage as mentioned below.

  1. Use Braille

One of the main differences between ADA signage and normal signage is that it uses braille. It is possibly the most obvious part of the signage that one cannot ignore. Most of ADA signage has braille featured on it. These raised dots are used to form a language that the visually impaired can use to navigate a building. It is important that your office doors have room numbers printed in braille. Even though it might seem that any sign with dots meets the criteria, braille is very strict when it comes to the spacing and height of the letters. Not every sign company understands these details and is able to produce ADA signage. In case the dots are wrong, a visually impaired person would struggle to read the message and would feel unwelcome in the building.

  1. High Contrast

Another distinguishing factor about ADA signage that you need to know about is that it is high contrast. There are many rules that come into play when designing ADA signage. One needs to ensure more than just the proper use of braille. They must incorporate branding. However, it does not mean that your brand colors would satisfy the ADA rules as they require a certain amount of contrast. Hence, you will need to find the right company for the job that would understand that high contrast is necessary for ensuring that the message is readable by even those that suffer from minor visual impairment.

  1. Must Be a Specific Height

Lastly, ADA signage has to be a certain height. You must ensure that the ADA LED signage is placed at the right height. It would ensure that people who read braille do not have trouble trying to read the entire sign. Therefore, it should be anywhere between 40 to 70 inches above the ground.

Choose the Best Company for Designing and Manufacturing ADA Signage

As there are many more ADA signage guidelines that businesses have to follow, it makes sense to hire abcMIX to design ADA signage for your business. The company will help ensure that you are able to cater to customers who are visually impaired and avoid the possibility of your business having to pay hefty penalties and fees. Choosing an expert to help you out will allow your business to meet the necessary conditions as set by the government. Therefore, you simply cannot go wrong with abcMIX. It is your best option when it comes to ADA signage.

What’s more, abcMIX has designed, manufactured many LED ADA signage for healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals and more, and we also have many ready made LED ADA signs that are easy install, uniform lighting, maintenance free and with affordable budget. If you are looking to buy LED ada signages in bulk or want to design your own ada signage mould, please don’t hesitate to contact sales@abcmixuk.com .

Advantages of LED blister letters

Walking on the street, we saw bright advertising characters, the most common of which is LED luminous characters. This kind of LED luminous characters is pure in color, flicker-free, convenient to connect, diverse colors, and the service life is as long as 80,000 to 100,000 hours and other advantages, are widely used in shop signs and advertisements of various institutions.

What is called LED blister luminous characters? Blister is a plastic processing technology, its main principle is to heat the plastic hard sheet material to soft, and then adsorb it on the surface of the mold. The surface of the board is usually formed by blister molding of acrylic board, which is then assembled by a base, etc., and LED lights are placed inside. The surface craftsmanship includes flat surface, flat drum, ball drum and other forms. The box body materials include iron sheet paint, aluminum material, stainless steel, etc. The font color can be either an inherent color plate or a spot color or four-color screen printing.

LED blister luminous characters are often used in outdoor advertising, the following introduces the characteristics of LED blister luminous characters:

1. The surface gloss is high, the color is bright, and the color lasts for 5-8 years. In other words, it will not change or fade within 5-8 years.
2. The material itself has strong light transmittance: The acrylic sheet used in the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmittance. With the built-in light source, the brightness at night is uniform and soft. Compared with the neon light, the acrylic character is overall luminous, unlike the neon light. The lines are luminous and softer than neon lights.
3. Built-in light source: No external wiring, not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring, which solves the problem that the neon light wiring is exposed to the outside. It also solves the problem that the wire and light source are prone to short-circuit and fire when exposed to the air. In addition, due to the good sealing performance of acrylic, the problem of not being able to turn on the light in rainy days is solved, so it can be used as usual in rainy and snowy days.
4. Stable physical properties, strong resistance to high temperature deformation, which is also one of the important characteristics of acrylic used in many outdoor industries. First of all, it has strong UV resistance, which is one of the reasons why it is not easy to fade. In addition, it can resist high temperature of 70℃ and low temperature of 50℃, and will not deform in this interval. This temperature difference will not occur in most parts of the world, so when outdoors, businesses can use it with confidence.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection: Acrylic can be recycled.

Nowadays, the competition of merchants is not only relying on products, but also on advertisements. The visual effects of LED blister characters are even more impressive. If you want to have such store advertisements or advertisements, please call abcMix and we will definitely design the best products to make your shop shine.