How to decide the right size for LED signages ?

There are many types of LED signage products, and there are many different shapes and sizes. We can always see all kinds of LED signs in our daily life, but non-professionals have hardly thought about why these LED signages are so big and why is it so small in other scenarios? These all illustrate a problem, the size of LED signage is not arbitrarily determined, and there are relevant theories behind it. Below, we will take some of abcMIX’s experience in LED signage engineering projects as examples, some defining standards of LED signage size are expanded in three aspects:

1. According to the visual distance between the scene and the user

On many occasions, we will find that there is a huge difference in the size of the signage, and this difference is also very obvious. For example, when we see the luminous characters on the curtain wall of the office building or the large characters on the roof, they are usually located at tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. This transmission distance is long-distance transmission, and the effective transmission distance to users is relatively long, so the size of the signages produced is relatively large, for this reason, most office building curtain wall luminous characters reaches several meters. In other scenes, such as the interior of a school, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, shopping center complex etc, we will find that the signs here are relatively small, such as the LED house number, which may only be ten or twenty centimeters. The interaction distance of users is usually relatively close, which may be a distance of one or two meters or even shorter, so in this case, the size of the signage needs to be small.

2. According to the amount of information

In some places of publicity and information, we found that the size of the signage also needs to be determined according to the amount of information. For example, in the signage system of tourist attractions, we found that the amount of information on the signboard such as the introduction bulletin of the scenic spot is relatively large. , some may have to display hundreds of words, and the introduction cards of some specific scenic spots may also write out the introduction, at least dozens of words, and many hundreds of words. In this case, even if the user is close when interacting with the signboard, the size of the signboard should not be too small, otherwise the information cannot be accommodated, or the font size will be compressed, which will make it uncomfortable for users to read.

3. Determined according to cultural expression requirements

Another situation is that in a place with a strong cultural atmosphere, we found that the signage needs to be presented in a special way. For example, exaggerated expressions are common in our daily life, and the spiritual fortress is a typical representative. Why are the spiritual fortresses basically tall and burly, because the relevant occasions need such a high-end atmosphere and high-grade image display channel, only through this channel can attract accurate customer groups, or leave a deep impression on users, This is a concrete manifestation of defining the size of signage through cultural expression appeals.

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